Drug Rehab in Cottonwood Heights, UT

The Life Changing Benefits of a Drug Detox Clinic

If you are struggling with substance addiction, you can achieve your and gain the skills needed to maintain recovery at Hatton Institute, our drug rehab center in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. A customized recovery and treatment plan can be designed to match your unique situation at our substance abuse treatment facility in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. The new beginning that you seek is just a phone call away.

Inpatient Benefits Available at our Drug Rehab Facility

Data on mental health reveals that patients experience substantially higher levels of success after completing an inpatient addiction recovery program when compared to individuals who have undergone an outpatient addiction recovery treatment. This is due in part to the unique challenges that individuals face when addressing different forms of substance addiction.

There are potential addiction pitfalls that can be avoided through the extensive care provided by an addiction recovery center. Our addiction treatment center in Cottonwood Heights, Utah helps each client to reach recovery and to comfortably address all immediate symptoms. The professional supervision of monitored detoxification helps each client to achieve sobriety in comfort and safety. Inpatient drug detox is better than attempting to weather substance withdrawal on one’s own.

Each client who visits our inpatient program is also taught healthy coping skills. This is a safe and private environment where clients gain the strength and confidence needed to transition back into their lives after the completion of the program.

Inpatient Addiction Recovery Facility Care

Our substance abuse treatment center in Cottonwood Heights, Utah provides a variety of specialized treatment that includes family counseling, behavioral health, and professional counseling. We provide expert treatment of co-occurring mental health disorders, such as bipolar or personality disorders, anxiety, and depression, and provide dual diagnosis mental health treatment for those clients in need.

Clients are each connected with aftercare resources for maintaining long-term sobriety. Aftercare may include a 12-step recovery group or alumni networks, depending on the needs of the client. Aftercare is important, as it can ensure you experience ongoing support. Supportive aftercare works an encouragement to remain on track for long-term, extended sobriety. This is an important element that is included in each client's addiction recovery plan at Hatton Institute.

Importance of Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Visiting an addiction treatment facility is very important because drug addiction can be impossible to overcome if you remain in close proximity to drugs, toxic people, toxic situations, and toxic emotions. When you live in a stressfully toxic atmosphere with access to drugs, you are unlikely to overcome addiction and are much more likely to relapse. When you attend an outpatient program and return daily to this environment, you are facing a bigger battle than is necessary.

We offer you a chance to begin again without the roadblocks to recovery that you are currently facing. Attending our facility in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, will give you access to counselors that can equip you to return to work and home empowered rather than defeated. Changes that you need to implement are easier to accomplish when you step away from the unhealthy environment and obtain trained advice from counselors who have extensive experience in this field.

Are you ready to get the help you need?

If you’re dealing with substance abuse and addiction, and are ready to start working toward your recovery, contact Hatton Institute in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. One of our addiction specialists will be waiting to answer any questions you might have. Why should you spend another day struggling with addiction when the Hatton Institute has the tools you need to defeat addiction?

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Group Therapy

At Hatton Institute, we offer a variety of therapies in order to accommodate each client’s situation. During group sessions, you’ll work with a specialist in a group setting to discuss your concerns and get to the bottom of your substance abuse issues.

Customized Plan

We begin by taking inventory of each client’s situation during an intake interview. This allows us to familiarize ourselves with each and every client, and to learn about their unique needs and recovery goals.

Aftercare Services

Another key program offered by the Hatton Institute is aftercare services. Recovery doesn’t end when you graduate from our substance abuse treatment center. We know that once you leave the safety and comfort of our drug rehab clinic, you’ll be heading out into an environment that is rife with temptation.

Supervised Detox

Those who attempt to detox by themselves may ultimately return to substance abuse in order to stymie the advent of withdrawal symptoms. Being supervised during this phase will help the individual cope with the withdrawals in a safe manner.