Drug Rehab in White Plains, NY

Addiction treatment facility probably sounds like scary words. But how long have you been struggling with your addiction to drugs or alcohol? How many times have you tried to quit on your own, or even with the help of friends and family? How much longer do you need to struggle before you are ready to ask for help? It might not seem like it now, but there is a way out of addiction to drugs and alcohol. There is a light at the end of the every dark tunnel, all you have to do is take the first step toward Hatton Institute substance abuse treatment facility in White Plains, New York.

The first step after you make the choice to eliminate denial and begin fighting for your recovery is detox. This may seem like a very intimidating part of the process, but it is important that you know in our White Plains drug detox clinic, detox is supervised and a safe part of the process. There will be people fighting with you for your recovery, you shouldn’t feel like you are alone. Detox is unpleasant, and having someone there to supervise and care for your well-being is one less thing you will need to worry about. Enabling you to detox as efficiently and comfortably as possible is one of our top priorities.

Most addictions are not the initial problem. Instead, they are often a symptom of the root cause. With dual diagnosis mental health treatment, you may find that you have an underlying mental illness such as depression or bipolar disorder, which has led to your struggle with addiction. In our White Plains addiction treatment center, you will get the appropriate treatment for each condition simultaneously to make sure you have the tools for success in your recovery.

Our drug rehab center in White Plains does not simply host you for detox and get you through withdrawal. We provide the care and safety of our facility to encourage and facilitate your recovery. In our White Plains addiction recovery facility, the safety of our clients is the most crucial priority. We will assist you through your journey, making you feel as comfortable as possible. Living life with an addiction is difficult, but there is no reason to feel that way in the safety and comfort of our White Plains addiction recovery center. Your comfort and recovery are very important to us.

Drug rehab centers offer the benefit of being a part of a community. When you have isolated yourself because of your addiction to drugs or alcohol, a community of support is important. It is an indescribable feeling to know that you will be surrounded by others who understand what you are going through and are aware of the resources to help guide you through this difficult and vulnerable time. Group sessions will allow you to find the support you need during and after your time in our White Plains drug rehab facility. Addiction recovery is no joke, and having a group of people to fight with you through the struggle is going to make a world of difference in your recovery.

Addiction recovery requires individualized treatment plans. This is important because every addiction is different, and every cause of the problem is different. Each person has a unique way of recovering, so it is a priority that every client knows they are an individual. This is an amazing gift of a unique treatment plan designed to help you through your recovery.

In our addiction recovery program in White Plains, it is vital that you learn to speak honestly. In a safe environment, you can learn about yourself and how to speak up for yourself. Learn to be empowered and not ashamed. You will learn how to be more successful in your recovery. So, decide today that the next step in your story is not going to be another drink or finding more drugs. The next step is going to be recovery. Call Hatton Institute today to get started.

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Group Therapy

At Hatton Institute, we offer a variety of therapies in order to accommodate each client’s situation. During group sessions, you’ll work with a specialist in a group setting to discuss your concerns and get to the bottom of your substance abuse issues.

Customized Plan

We begin by taking inventory of each client’s situation during an intake interview. This allows us to familiarize ourselves with each and every client, and to learn about their unique needs and recovery goals.

Aftercare Services

Another key program offered by the Hatton Institute is aftercare services. Recovery doesn’t end when you graduate from our substance abuse treatment center. We know that once you leave the safety and comfort of our drug rehab clinic, you’ll be heading out into an environment that is rife with temptation.

Supervised Detox

Those who attempt to detox by themselves may ultimately return to substance abuse in order to stymie the advent of withdrawal symptoms. Being supervised during this phase will help the individual cope with the withdrawals in a safe manner.