Drug Rehab in Annapolis, MD

How our Addiction Treatment Center can Help you Turn Your Life Around

Nobody sets out to get addicted to drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a disease that begins slow and unassuming, before you know it takes over your thoughts, ambitions, and life, slowly consuming everything you know and love. After a period of using, you can think of nothing but the drug and the feeling it gives you. Without professional help, there is no escaping the devastating consequences of drug and alcohol addiction. Hatton Institute drug rehab facility in Annapolis, Maryland, will pave the way of addiction recovery and professional assistance you to get your life back on track. Our addiction treatment facility offers impeccable care and quality treatment for clients and provides a safe and secure environment where you can build a strong foundation to begin the recovery process.

The Recovery Process: What to Expect

Recovery from a long-term substance abuse addiction does not happen overnight. You can beat your addiction, but you can't do it alone. For some clients, recovery can be achieved in a shorter period of time. For others, recovery can take a long time. Our Annapolis addiction recovery program is not like taking a pill like you would for other chronic illnesses. Addiction recovery requires dedication and perseverance in a safe and secure substance abuse treatment facility.

The recovery process involves detox, behavioral therapy, and aftercare services. All of these are crucial factors in the rehabilitation process and each one is a necessary step towards a full and complete recovery.

Drug Detox Clinic

Detox is a crucial first step towards beating your addiction. Once you’ve decided to get sober, it's very important to be in a safe environment where you can detox or allow your body eliminate drugs that are in your system, eradication your physical dependence. This is often the most difficult stage of the rehabilitation process. The first step is usually the most difficult, but once your body has detoxed from drugs or alcohol, it will get a little easier to move forward with the recovery process. During detox, it is important that the client feels safe and secure while being monitored closely for health and safety reasons. Our drug detox clinic in Annapolis is a part of the addiction treatment center, you can be assured that your health and well-being is in good hands.

Drug Therapy

Treating addictions involves a variety of treatment methods. One of the most important aspects of treating addiction is understanding the importance of dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Treating both the physical and mental factors of addiction helps ensure the client's success in recovery. Bipolar disorder and other types of mental illness often play a role in addiction. By diagnosing and treating mental illness as well as the addiction itself, we help our clients to understand the underlying cause of their addiction and provide them with the proper tools, knowledge, and treatments to overcome their addictions. By attending group meetings, one-on-one sessions with counselors, and honest participation in open discussions will allot you a more grounded understanding of your addiction triggers as well as how to avoid relapse all while creating a strong support group to assist you on the road to recovery.

The Importance of a Good Aftercare Program

Once you have completed your stay at our addiction recovery facility in Annapolis, it will be time for you to face your life on your own terms. In order to be successful and continue a life free of drugs and alcohol, it's vital to become involved in a sound aftercare program. Aftercare includes continued therapy, meetings, and discussions with others in recovery as well as employing a strong support group who will help you during times of difficulty. An effective aftercare program will also include a regular exercise routine, a healthy diet, and finding a good sponsor. A sponsor is someone who is also in recovery but has many years of sobriety under their belt. They will provide 24/7 support during recovery process after you have left the treatment center.

There are many types of recovery programs and drug rehab centers that offer a variety of ways to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol. By choosing Hatton Institute addiction recovery center in Annapolis, Maryland, you assure yourself a good start towards a life free from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Don’t wait, call us today to set up a free consultation.

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Group Therapy

At Hatton Institute, we offer a variety of therapies in order to accommodate each client’s situation. During group sessions, you’ll work with a specialist in a group setting to discuss your concerns and get to the bottom of your substance abuse issues.

Customized Plan

We begin by taking inventory of each client’s situation during an intake interview. This allows us to familiarize ourselves with each and every client, and to learn about their unique needs and recovery goals.

Aftercare Services

Another key program offered by the Hatton Institute is aftercare services. Recovery doesn’t end when you graduate from our substance abuse treatment center. We know that once you leave the safety and comfort of our drug rehab clinic, you’ll be heading out into an environment that is rife with temptation.

Supervised Detox

Those who attempt to detox by themselves may ultimately return to substance abuse in order to stymie the advent of withdrawal symptoms. Being supervised during this phase will help the individual cope with the withdrawals in a safe manner.