Drug Rehab in San Ramon, CA

The Hatton Institute substance abuse treatment facility in San Ramon, California just might be the answer you are looking for. We will offer you an array of options during a time where you have felt your options becoming limited, if not gone altogether. One of the many programs offered at drug rehab centers is supervised detox. This step is vital for your recovery. It will prepare you for your journey of recovery and sobriety. Our drug rehab facility will make sure you are safe and comfortable while detoxing, and also will make sure you are not alone during this difficult and often scary time. You will have nothing to worry about other than placing your full attention on your recovery.

Our drug detox clinic will give you the tools you need to be successful. Addiction recovery is something that is important to us at our addiction recovery center in San Ramon, California, and we will do everything we can to see you through this process. The process of detox, rehab, treatment, and support groups will help you not only find recovery, but will also help you maintain your recovery for the long haul. This is why it is so important to us that you detox safely first then continue the process with a clean body and mind.

Our addiction recovery facility wants to give you a safe and comfortable environment during your stay. When you already have so much to worry about, this is one less thing on your mind. It allows you to focus solely on your treatment steps and recovery. During treatment, it is important to learn to speak openly and honestly. You will find this much easier to do in a safe environment.

There is no reason to hide anymore thanks to the comfort of our addiction treatment center. You will be met with support instead of judgment. Once you have learned to speak up for yourself and your truth, and once you have found your voice, you will feel a power that you can take with you through your aftercare and the rest of your life.

Individualized and unique treatment plans is another program offered by Hatton Institute. Recognizing your individuality, we want you to realize you are not just another face in the crowd. We want you to experience the best therapy has to offer, giving you a unique plan that caters to your unique experiences and personal struggles while giving you the bounds of support you need to carry on with your recovery. You are an individual. You have your own story to tell, and that is why we feel it necessary to give you what you need to maintain sobriety from your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

When struggling with addiction, there could also be another issue with which you are dealing. You could be struggling with a mental illness such as depression or bipolar disorder. This is something that is not shameful, and it is something that can be managed with the right treatment plan. In an addiction treatment facility, we are equipped with the tools to treat your co-occurring mental health disorder with dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Each issue is different and should be treated separately for the best outcome of recovery. You do not have to struggle with your mental illness any longer. You can learn to manage it and live a full life.

This process may seem overwhelming and scary. But the benefits far outnumber the benefits from staying trapped in your addiction. You can have your life back, a happy, healthy life. You can be the person you always dreamed to be. You can rediscover your hopes and dreams. You have the opportunity to reach your potential as a healthy person and to prove to yourself that you are a powerful person in control of your own life. You do not have to allow anything else to control your life for you. This is a gift. And it doesn't take much to say yes to it. You are worth this step into an addiction recovery program.

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Group Therapy

At Hatton Institute, we offer a variety of therapies in order to accommodate each client’s situation. During group sessions, you’ll work with a specialist in a group setting to discuss your concerns and get to the bottom of your substance abuse issues.

Customized Plan

We begin by taking inventory of each client’s situation during an intake interview. This allows us to familiarize ourselves with each and every client, and to learn about their unique needs and recovery goals.

Aftercare Services

Another key program offered by the Hatton Institute is aftercare services. Recovery doesn’t end when you graduate from our substance abuse treatment center. We know that once you leave the safety and comfort of our drug rehab clinic, you’ll be heading out into an environment that is rife with temptation.

Supervised Detox

Those who attempt to detox by themselves may ultimately return to substance abuse in order to stymie the advent of withdrawal symptoms. Being supervised during this phase will help the individual cope with the withdrawals in a safe manner.