Drug Rehab in Anaheim, CA

Drug addiction is a messy business. When you are struggling with it, drug addiction can impact every aspect of your life. When you start to care more about getting high than anything else in your life, it is easy for the truly essential things in your life -- like friends, family, and career -- to become an afterthought. All you care about is finding your next fix. If drug addiction is making your life a mess, there is hope. Turn to the help of our excellent addiction treatment center in Anaheim, California to beat your drug addiction and clean up your life.

The Help You Need for Withdrawal

One of the most difficult aspects of getting sober occurs when you first stop using drugs. Going through the withdrawal process may be one of the greatest challenges you will ever face. The pain of withdrawal is often intense enough to make people use again when they try to detox alone. You will be much more likely to get clean if you enter Hatton Institute, our Anaheim, California addiction treatment facility. Inside our drug detox clinic, you will benefit from managed detox that keeps you safe and closely monitored to make the process as comfortable as possible.

Setting You up with the Right Treatment Plan

Every client who enters our substance abuse treatment facility is a unique individual. All of our clients have their own special needs for addiction recovery. Therefore, we take care to offer each one of our clients a customized addiction recovery program that is tailored to meet their unique situations. When you come to our drug rehab facility in Anaheim, California, we will create a specialized treatment plan that is perfectly suited to meet your unique recovery needs.

Dual Diagnosis

One of the most challenging things about addiction recovery for many of our clients is that they face mental health concerns as well as their addictions. These mental health issues can make recovery impossible if they are not treated. At our Anaheim, California addiction recovery center, we use dual diagnosis mental health treatment to treat both addiction and any co-occurring mental health conditions our clients face. With the proper mental health help, clients will be much more likely to attain and maintain their recovery.

Keeping You Safe

Inside our addiction recovery facility in Anaheim, California, we do everything we can to ensure that our clients feel safe at all times while they are with us. It is very important that you feel safe while you are in a drug rehab center. Enjoying a feeling of security is the only way that you will be able to open up and share your thoughts and feelings. Bearing your soul to your fellow clients and the counselors inside the rehab facility is essential for making it successfully through recovery.

Group Guidance

One of the most important aspects of treatment at our addiction treatment center in Anaheim, California is group therapy with your fellow clients. When you meet with the group, you will share your stories of addiction with each other. With this sharing, you will learn how addiction works. You will come to understand how to avoid using drugs and the steps you need to take to prevent yourself from using when you feel the urge.

Aftercare Programs

It can be a challenging period when you first leave the addiction treatment facility. When you leave us, you will not be thrown to the wolves. We offer wonderful aftercare programs that you can rely on to make the difficult transition from the sheltered rehab environment to the wide world full of stress and temptation.

There is no need to let drug addiction ruin your life. You can become master of your own life again by seeking help at Hatton Institute, our excellent substance abuse treatment facility in Anaheim, California. With our help and your hard work, you can defeat the demons of drug addiction.

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Group Therapy

At Hatton Institute, we offer a variety of therapies in order to accommodate each client’s situation. During group sessions, you’ll work with a specialist in a group setting to discuss your concerns and get to the bottom of your substance abuse issues.

Customized Plan

We begin by taking inventory of each client’s situation during an intake interview. This allows us to familiarize ourselves with each and every client, and to learn about their unique needs and recovery goals.

Aftercare Services

Another key program offered by the Hatton Institute is aftercare services. Recovery doesn’t end when you graduate from our substance abuse treatment center. We know that once you leave the safety and comfort of our drug rehab clinic, you’ll be heading out into an environment that is rife with temptation.

Supervised Detox

Those who attempt to detox by themselves may ultimately return to substance abuse in order to stymie the advent of withdrawal symptoms. Being supervised during this phase will help the individual cope with the withdrawals in a safe manner.